Transforming Supply Chains with AI-Powered Solutions

From raw materials to the end of life.

Sustainable Sourcing & Product Development

Transforming product development management processes by enabling informed decisions that reduce environmental impact and product safety/compliance issues.

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Production Management

Real-time data to monitor production processes and track inventory levels, allowing optimization of production efficiency, minimizing waste, and ensuring on-time delivery.

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Compliance, Quality and Certification

Streamlining quality control processes throughout all stages of the production cycle. JUBEL.AI connects all your labs, consolidates test data into one database, and enables easy management of test orders, risk assessments, reporting, and data analytics.

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Intelligent Solutions for Collaboration, Automation & Analytics Throughout Your Supply Chain

JUBEL.AI provides end-to-end visibility, empowering you to monitor and analyze your entire supply chain from sourcing and product development to production, quality, and sustainability processes. Our platform boosts transparency, productivity, and reduces operational costs. We are building the supply chain Metaverse for seamless collaboration and real-time data insights.

What is JUBEL.AI?

JUBEL.AI is a powerful supply chain network that connects all stakeholders involved in your product's journey, from sourcing and product development to ordering, production, quality, chemical and sustainability management. Our platform is designed to digitally transform your business, regardless of your industry, and provide end-to-end supply chain visibility.With JUBEL.AI, you can collaborate remotely, automate processes and analyze data within your supply chain in real-time to increase transparency, productivity and reduce operational costs.

Experience unparalleled flexibility

Our software solution represents a significant leap forward in innovation, uniquely equipped to tackle complex supply chain challenges that conventional Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) or Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems cannot effectively handle. Our solution seamlessly integrates with your current systems, offering real-time adaptability to meet evolving market demands.

JUBEL.AI's robustness and ease of use allow businesses to stay ahead of the competition.

Meet Marie

Marie, named after the eminent scientist Marie Curie, is an innovative tool built on advanced machine learning algorithms. With the ability to learn from past experiences, Marie is equipped to provide accurate risk and results analysis, and suggest efficient testing strategies. She is a valuable asset to any team, designed to automate and optimize testing strategies. By leveraging historical test data, regulatory requirements, and supplier performance, Marie is able to create smarter testing plans that are customized to meet your unique needs. Trust Marie to deliver world-class testing solutions and take your testing strategies to the next level.

Material Impact App

Introducing JUBEL.AI's Material Impact App, a powerful tool that transforms sourcing and product development management processes. This helps product development teams understand and improve the environmental impact of their designs throughout the entire product life-cycle.

Footprint - made from safe and renewable materials
Durability - made to be used more
Recyclability - made to be made again

Streamline Your Lab Management

JUBEL.AI streamlines lab management by connecting all of your labs in one platform and consolidating all test data into a single database. Brands and Suppliers can easily manage test orders, risk assessments, reporting, and data analytics from a single location, streamlining the entire process.